The Top Benefits of Cold-Pressed Juices


Our hand crafted cold-pressed juices are never heat pasteurized and contain no added sugar, fillers, or preservatives. Most other cold-pressed juices on the market are filled with water or juiced from concentrates to cheapen the product and fill volume with little nutritional benefit. Our juices are made using only 100% organic fruits and vegetables sourced from local farmers whenever possible to maximize taste and quality. Drinking one of our juices is a nutrient-rich and convenient way of maintaining a healthy lifestyle in an on-the-go world.


We pride ourselves on bottling only the absolute best. We take the time to ensure all our produce is consciously sourced and pressed fresh before undergoing our cold-pressurization process to ensure safety and retain nutritional quality.  


Our juices are meant for absolutely everyone to enjoy! Because our juices are formulated with over 2 lbs of produce, we make getting your daily requirement of fruits and veggies quick, easy, and most importantly delicious!


The alkalinity and chlorophyll in green plants give the body all it needs to make healthy blood, thus creating a healthy body. The leafy greens act as cleansing agent in the body while also providing the most optimal form of vitamin and mineral content like iron and vitamin B-12, an essential B vitamin that most people in the Midwest are severely lacking in.


The clock starts ticking for an athlete as soon as they enter their cool-down. Post exercise nutrition goals are centered around: 1. Restoring fluid and electrolytes lost in sweat. 2. Replenishing the muscle and liver glycogen stores. 3. Supporting the immune system with healthy complex carbohydrates to assist in muscle synthesis and repair. Drinking a VITALIZE cold-pressed juice is a great way to restore and replenish the nutrients lost in sweat by flooding your bloodstream with healthy electrolytes and fast-acting complex carbohydrates. We guarantee our juices will have you looking and feeling your absolute best!


If you are a serious athlete or a hard-core fitness enthusiast, managing your nutrition for optimal performance can seem tricky. Post-exercise nutrition is particularly important to replenish fluids, electrolytes and glucose that were depleted during your workout but you don't have to go to great lengths to concoct the perfect post-workout meal. Juicy, delicious watermelon juice has everything you need to refuel, plus performance-enhancing benefits that will improve your overall health and fitness in the long run.

Watermelon is also rich in phenolic compounds like flavonoids, carotenoids, L-Citrulline and triterpenoids, all of which are known to be some of the strongest natural anti-inflammatories on the face of the planet so drink up!


As often as you’d like! But we would recommend consuming at least one 12oz bottle of organic cold-pressed juice per day. You should think of our juices as your daily multi-vitamin, a highly concentrated form of “living” nutrition that is fresh, raw and delicious! By incorporating a juice into your normal daily routine, you’ll soon find yourself on a path to a healthier, happier you!

The San Antonio Spurs, made with 100 percent juice

Michael C. Wright, ESPN Staff Writer 
May 6, 2017

SAN ANTONIO -- You know you've discovered something interesting about the Spurs when they won't talk about it. You know you've discovered something really interesting when former Air Force intelligence officer and current Spurs coach Gregg Popovich goes to the trouble of offering up smoke screens.

That's how we come to find ourselves talking -- in hushed tones, in hallways -- about the merits of cold-pressed juice. And no, it cannot be photographed for this story.

Several Spurs see their special drinks as an all-important first step to the recovery process that staves off fatigue and injury. "It's nutrients, veggies, fruits, you know, to replenish what you've spent out on the court," says guard Patty Mills. "It's just a part of the recovery process, the same thing as eating the right foods after the games.

The juices are just a simple way to initiate part of the recovery, just getting some of the anti-inflammatory benefits of the different fruits and vegetables, chia seeds, different healthy fats. It's just one small way to help attack or help initiate that recovery process, in addition to getting in a Whole Foods meal afterwards on the plane, or afterwards in the facility itself, depending on the location."

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